What Is Your Vision Of The Future?

Is there anything you want to achieve in your life?

Any secret goals that are hiding in the background?

Or perhaps you already have a clear vision of your future?

So why is it important to have a vision of your future?

Simply put, the future is pulling us forward.

A lot of people believe that the past is pushing us forward.

Let’s put it this way, if you get on a cruise ship (which we may not be doing for a while) that is going to China, you know that the destination is where you will most likely end up.

Setting a vision for the future creates an internal roadmap, so your thoughts; emotions, actions and words can empower that potentiality. 

If someone has had a traumatic past, it’s not that past event that’s the problem. It’s the projection of the traumatic event onto the present and the future that brings the continual suffering.

This is by no means an easy task, however a necessary one if you wish to elevate the quality of your life.

So how does your life look like physically; emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially, career wise, as a parent, in your relationships, in your overall lifestyle? What I mean is, what is your vision of the future in these areas? Where is the cruise ship going?

Most people are projecting the past onto the future and seeing the present with the lens of the past. For example, someone ‘cheated or betrayed’ you and now all people ‘cheat and betray you’. Whereas this is only a lens you are seeing life through and not actual reality.

We might as well put on a lens which serves our life and others in a positive way.

Perhaps seeing ourselves as loving; patient, optimistic, successful, healthy and so on, may be more supportive to ourselves and others.

So in recent studies of the brain, heart and body it was found that the brain gives off electric signals and the heart gives off magnetic signals.

If you only conceive mentally your vision of the future, you’re giving off electric waves.

When you feel that same vision with an emotional wave of magnetism (for example, gratitude) then you create an electromagnetic vortex which will draw that future potential towards you.

The thing is, everyone is already doing this. Just not necessarily consciously towards their vision, meaning current thoughts and emotions you have are the internal reflection of your external life.

You don’t have to believe me and I suggest that you actually don’t. What I would encourage you to do though, is to pay attention and research the truth for yourself.

So try it if you like, create a beautiful vision of your future. Envision it, feel it, walk around in it (mentally) and fill it with a sense of gratitude (the ultimate state of receivership) and perhaps slowly, patiently, you may just live into the future of your vision.

Try the meditation below if you would like to play around with creating your vision of the future.

Light Body, Peaceful Place, Vision Meditation

Link for above (if it’s easier to copy and paste from here):

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