To Thee O Lord I Surrender This

So what do we mean by Lord?

And what are we surrendering?

Does this mean we are giving up?

When we say ‘Lord’ we are speaking of the highest comprehensible level or even the underlying substrate of existence itself.

You can say God, universe, mother nature, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, the Highest Self, Allah, the Quantum Field and so on and so forth.

Now what do we mean by surrender?

Simply put, this means to let go.

I had a question on my Instagram stories last Friday (if you’re not following me on Instagram, then we’re not friends anymore :P) that asked what is the most important technique that you’ve learnt in your years of practice.

Letting go.

The process or the pathway of surrender (letting go) has been the most powerful tool for personal and spiritual growth that I have come across.

Releasing old resentments.

Letting go of complaints and blame.

Surrendering upsets and negativities.

Relinquishing that which does not serve the Highest Good.

Healing emotional and mental traumas.

Re-establishing a strong sense of self.

Being healthier and happier.

Cultivating loving, positive relationships.

I can attribute all of this to the surrender technique.

The other side of that coin is to be surrendering to a Higher Power. To be letting the lower energies go to higher energies.

Hate to love, complaint to acceptance, fear to gratitude, worry to joy and so on.

But how do we ‘surrender to Thee O Lord?’

Firstly, it helps to realise that without the underlying source of life, without the energy that sustains us as a human being we can be and do nothing.

Without the power of life within us, there is nothing that can be done. Being aware and grateful of this fact automatically opens you up to the potential of surrender.

From a practical perspective, when an ‘upset’ energy (fear, anger, worry, doubt, anxiety, stress, blame, complaint and so on) arises, allow it to be in the space that you occupy. Without judgement, nor resistance, expression or suppression. Let it be there and just observe it.

Take the mental position of releasing this to a higher power. Like you’re holding your hands to the side, palms up looking towards the sky. Intention is to ‘feel it to heal it’, to let the energy to spend itself and allow something greater than you (O Lord) to alleviate this energy.

Now, some will say “But I want to be the one to solve this issue!!”. Most of the time you are the one that causes it in the first place. So trying to solve the problem with the same mechanism that created it is like a cat chasing its tail.

Now I can talk about this all day and you can read about it for as long as you like, but if we don’t gain the experience we will never know the truth of it.

If you have things that you would like to surrender and if you want to take your life to the next level in whatever way that might be, then try this meditation:

To Thee O Lord I Surrender This – Letting Go Meditation

Link for above (if it’s easier to copy and paste from here):

In order for this to actually work, it may work in one session or it may take you years. Depends on how you are holding onto things, however patience, persistence and practice will eventually allow you to surrender almost anything.

Best of luck in your letting go journey.

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