The Power Of Your Spiritual Intention

So, what is a spiritual intention?

What does it mean to set your highest intention?

Spiritual intention is the way you wish to “be” in the world. The way you wish to act in your relationships, how you perform in your work and how you approach life itself.

Your spiritual intention sets the energetic compass for your attention, thoughts, emotions, words and actions.

Think of it this way, you wish to become loving, so you bring the energy of lovingness to your heart, to your mind, to your body and to the energy within all of these.

By doing this you begin to train your inner condition to radiate from that energy.

It also makes you aware of when you are not coming from that energy.

Often when you set your spiritual intention, it’s opposite may arise from the subconscious. For example, if your spiritual intention is to be loving, then resentment and hatred may arise.

Now this may seem like a step backwards, but really it is a step in the right direction. For in order to become loving, you must let go of hatred.

The sun always shines brightly, we do not need to turn up the sun. We just need to remove the clouds.

So, spiritual intention over time lifts your vibration into a happier, more enlightened state.

The main requirement is to release the blockages, with time, dedication and continual practice your life begins to flow in a peaceful, joyful, happy and abundant way.

We are no longer thrown around by the trials and tribulations of daily life. We become centred in our spiritual intention.

Try the Spiritual Intention Meditation below if you wish to taste what I mean.

Spiritual Intention Meditation

Link for above (if it’s easier to copy and paste from here):

Wishing you the joy and freedom that comes with aligning yourself with a higher form of energy.

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