Happy New Year!

Hope you had a great one and if you had holidays, hope they were fantastic as well.

New Years tend to represent a new start and that makes sense, most people like to start things on a Monday or a new month or a new year, like a fresh new beginning.

I would like to suggest that every moment is new, even though it may seem similar to previous moments in your life. I can absolutely guarantee you that is brand spanking new.

Now the trouble lies in that our perception blocks the truth of things. We perceive things to be in a certain way, whether we’re in a good, bad or ugly mood we colour our experience through perception.

You can understand what I mean by this by the application of the word perceived. For example, the person reacted to a “perceived” threat. So it is only in the perception which colours the experience of what actually is.

The more we work on ourselves the more we will begin to realise the application of “it seems to be this way” is more precise than stating something as factual.

So, how does one use perception for their own personal and spiritual growth?

What is the actual truth of each situation?

When applied to growing ourselves as individuals and transcending the limitations of fear; worry, doubt, anger, hatred and hostility, bringing ourselves into the now, into the truth of this very moment can liberate us and raise our level of consciousness.

To put it simply, when a negative emotion arises rather than getting caught in all the stories, ideas and concepts around the emotion (the perception of it) sit with what actually is. Meaning, take away all the labels and be with the actual sensations in that moment.

For example, we label something as fear. Past memories of fearful situations, reasons why this moment has arisen come to mind and we get caught in a feedback loop of thinking and feelingness.

If we come to the underlying sensation of what is actually happening, a shortness of breath, a tightness in the chest, a cold sweat and actually allow ourselves to feel the energy in the truth of the moment this can open a space for gratitude and surrender.

Now why the f*!k would I be grateful for a feeling of fear?

Because as you welcome the truth of each emotion/energy, you open the doors to letting go of it rather than repressing, suppressing, projecting and saving it up for later.

If this sounds like something that you would like to have the skill of, then try this meditation. It links you to your spiritual intention, brings you into the moment and facilitates letting go.

Spiritual Intention, The Truth Of The Moment And Surrender

Link for above (if it’s easier to copy and paste from here):

Happy New Now! 😉

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