Do you want to level up this year?

Are you looking for more peace of mind?

Have you ever wanted to learn kung fu or meditation?

I have been working in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years now.

In that time I have sat down with over 5000 people, trying to understand what they want for their physical and mental health.

Essentially it always comes down to one thing, to be happy.

So you tell me you want to lose weight and tone up, underneath that so you can feel more confident. We go deeper and it’s so you can find the right partner in life. Once again we go deeper and it’s because you feel that is what will make you happy.

You tell me you want to learn self defence which then becomes that you want to feel more confident and resilient. I ask why you want to feel confident and it’s because you want to feel happy and at ease.

Or you tell me that you want to meditate, I ask what for and you tell me to release stress, you want to get rid of anxiety, you want to feel empowered. When I ask what you want that for it’s because you want to be happy.

So you see, we all pretty much want the same thing. And to tell you the truth, that happiness you seek is actually inside you already. How would you know what happiness is if you had not felt it before?

The problem is, we get so bogged down with life, relationships, career, bills, social media and all the other happenings that occur as a consequence of being human that we forget about the innate happiness that is our very nature.

To put it plainly, we are happiness. We have just forgotten.

Think of it this way, the sun always shines whether or not there are clouds. The issue is when we are only focused on the clouds and forget the radiant life giving sun, life can seem stressful, dark or worrisome.

Tools such as meditation, contemplation, kung fu, mindfulness, yoga, spiritual teachings and uplifting company can help remind us of our inner nature as happiness.

Which is why I personally dedicated my life to spreading these teachings. As life is so much better when you’re happy.

Check out this 7 minute meditation to help you bring out your happy:

I Am Happy, Confident And Powerful

Link for above (if it’s easier to copy and paste from here):

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