Sifu John Cogan

Sifu John Cogan is a lifetime Martial Artist, starting his journey with Tae Kwon Do at the age of 7, moving to boxing from 13, then to find Wing Chun Kung Fu from the age of 22.

Alongside his passion for martial arts; meditation and spirituality are what he loves to spend his time studying, training, and teaching.

Sifu John began his Kung Fu studies in Chinatown, Sydney completing his certification in Wing Chun Instruction at the International Wing Chun Academy.

Sifu John then moved to Hong Kong to further his studies with Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin (A Senior Disciple of the Great Ip Man).

Whilst in Hong Kong Sifu John attained the level of ‘Master’ in Wing Chun Kung Fu from the Ving Tsun Athletic Association which was set up by Ip Man for the propagation of the Wing Chun Martial Art.

After completing his studies in Hong Kong, Sifu John moved to Europe and furthered his studies in meditation, energy work and spirituality, learning with senior disciples of Stylianos Atteshlis also known as “The Magus of Strovolos” a renowned Mystic and Healer.

Before returning to his hometown of Sydney, Australia Sifu John travelled to America to Study with Dr. David Hawkins’ (Author of Power Vs Force) Spiritual Studies Group.

Sifu John continues to study, train and teach every day in both martial arts and spirituality and has students all over the world learning from his online content and courses.

Sifu John now runs OTKA in Sydney Australia, with the wish to spread the essence of the One Tao Kung Fu system which he has created from his decades of study and practice.

Oneness, Non-Violence and Excellence also known as Peace, Love and Kung Fu.