About Us


One Tao Kung Fu Academy 

One Tao Kung Fu Academy specialises in internal martial arts. We teach One Tao Kung Fu, Internal Wing Chun, Yoga, Meditation and Kung Fu Boxing.

The difference between internal and external arts, is that our internal approach focuses on balancing the body, using correct biomechanics, energy ‘chi’ work, building a calm and confident mind for longevity and happiness.

Our approach combines practical self defence skills, correct posture, balance, bio mechanics, the use of the energy body (chi body), focus, mindset and intention into a devastating and spiritually uplifting martial art.


The Beginning of OTKFA

One Tao Kung Fu is founded by Sifu John Cogan a lifetime martial artist who received his Wing Chun Kung Fu Master level at the Ving Tsun Kung Fu Athletic Association in Hong Kong under Grandmaster Ip Man – Chu Shong Tin lineage. John also has proficiency in Tae kwon do, Boxing, Tai Chi, Qigong.

OTKFA stands for the principles of Peace, Love and Balance through Kung Fu. By working on ourselves daily and helping people to cultivate an inner state of calm, peace, happiness and balance we aim to help the world become better one person at a time.

Through learning the One Tao system in our kung fu, meditation and yoga classes developing new supportive friendships and deepening the understanding of ones self, we can all “Be the change we wish to see in the world”.

We teach children and adults programs here at the Academy, hold events and retreats, have online lessons and apparel that can spread our message to all of those who want to hear it.


Develop a calm, peaceful, non-violent approach to all life, including oneself

Love your fellow students and all human beings

Aim for your highest potential, keep an open mind for your growth

Abstain from negative thinking

Take care of your body

Be aware of what energy you are bringing to each situation

Use your martial skill for the good of humanity

Practice regularly make your training a habit

Conduct yourself with honesty, truth and alignment with your values

Be grateful for the blessings and lessons in your life